The Link Between Excess Alcohol Use and Sexual Problems

Being an alcoholic can affect many areas of a person’s life. Alcoholics may have legal trouble, problems at work, or stress within the family related to alcohol abuse. There are also many health problems related to excessive alcohol use. These can include stomach trouble, heart damage, certain cancers and cirrhosis of the liver, among others. Being an alcoholic can also have serious consequences for a person’s sex life. These problems can face male or female alcoholics.

Poor Sexual Decision Making

People who abuse alcohol are more likely to make bad judgment calls in choosing to have sexual activity, as well as being at increased risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases due to carelessness regarding safe sex. Alcohol dulls a person’s inhibitions and leads to other risky behavior, reports Smarter Sex.

Some people also can make people not recognize that they are in a dangerous situation, and some individuals become aggressive when under the influence of alcohol, as well. Understanding a partner’s wishes may also be more difficult through a haze of alcohol.

Decrease in Sexual Function

Alcoholics face a greater risk of erectile dysfunction, according to Family Doctor. Erections can be harder to achieve and orgasm may be more difficult. Women who are heavy drinkers can experience painful sex as a result of lack of lubrication, and orgasm may also be more difficult for women under the influence.

Trying to conceive is often more difficult for couples in which one or both parties is an alcoholic. Excessive alcohol consumption can interfere with ovulation in women, and in hormone levels and sperm development in males. Women who are heavy drinkers also have an increased risk of miscarriage. Pregnant women who continue to drink run the risk of birth defects such as fetal alcohol syndrome in their child, advises Fertility Facts.

Relationship Problems in Alcoholics

In couples where one person is an alcoholic, there may be considerable stress. If one partner doesn’t condone drinking, there may be more arguments and tension within the relationship. Couples counseling can be of assistance in this situation.

Heavy drinking affects many areas of an alcoholic’s life, including sex and reproduction. People who are concerned that they or a loved one may have a drinking problem should seek help and support. Alcoholics have a greater risk of erectile dysfunction, inability to climax and infertility. Many of these problems can be improved or eliminated by cutting back on alcohol consumption, or stopping altogether.

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