Ketamine Detox and Rehab

Ketamine abuse can quickly lead to a dependence on this drug. After all, it is highly addictive, and once the tolerance level increases, the user would require larger doses of Ketamine in very small time-frame. As soon as the addicted person gets rid of Ketamine from their bloodstream, withdrawal symptoms would creep up. That is a terrifying circumstance, and soon dependency would take on a whole new level.

Ketamine vs Depression

The problem with the use of Ketamine is that it is pretty much effective in taking care of the pain receptors of the brain stem. What this means is that it directly affects the central nervous system, and if proper care and detox is not provided to the user, the withdrawal symptoms can be fatal to the user. One of the most dangerous symptoms for the people using Ketamine is depression, and it can lead to the person being suicidal.

Withdrawal symptoms of Ketamine addiction

  1. Decrease in the cardiac and respiratory functions
  2. Apparent confusion
  3. Uncontrollable shaking of the body
  4. Hallucination, delusion and psychosis
  5. Nausea and vomiting
  6. Uncontrollable rage
  7. Insomnia and hearing loss
  8. Fatigue and agitation

It is during the process of withdrawal that the people using Ketamine would become pretty unstable, and any isolation of the user can result in fatal consequences like suicide. This is the primary reason why professional supervision is necessary in order to effectively counter the Ketamine addiction. It is hence for the recommended that people suffering from Ketamine addiction should be kept in a controlled environment for the detox process to be successful.

Detox and rehab for Ketamine addiction

The treatment for Ketamine addiction is pretty difficult, and it requires multiple drug therapy for people with a lot of dependency on this drug. There are various establishments that conduct in complete rehab that almost always results in people relapsing to the use of Ketamine in the near future. This is the primary reason why people need to check the reputation of the detox center before sending their loved one to that place. There are several programs for Ketamine addiction detox that can start from one month to several months. There are also various outpatient programs that can maintain the sanctity as well as the privacy of your family.

Ketamine addiction is not primarily physical, but rather it is a psychological addiction. This is the reason why rehab is also very important in successfully countering this addiction. Some of the rehab treatments are;

  1. Behavioral therapy (cognitive): This can address the thinking pattern of the user, resulting in a change of the mindset of the patient
  2. Behavioral therapy (Dialectical): This can create awareness within the mind, and also take care of the stress in the patient

This program is a professional and come with excellent recovery time frames. However, the user will need to be committed towards stopping the use of Ketamine and follow the treatment pattern. Of course, it is a difficult drug to get rid of, but with professional help, reducing the dependency on Ketamine can be achieved.

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