Inhalants Detox and Rehab

Recent reports have suggested that at least one amongst every 10 people in America suffer from inhalants addiction. There are at least 16% of students in America that have suffered from the use of inhalants. According to this particular survey, it has also been found out that drug abuse is rampant among teenagers across the world, and at least 10% of them attribute their substance abuse to inhalants. It is these particular scenarios that can make people realize the importance that inhalants addiction brings to the entire picture of drug addiction. This is the real cause of concern that most of the people face, particularly the parents.

So, what are inhalants? These are chemicals that are inhaled for the primary purpose of getting a natural high. The chemicals that are found for your everyday needs and household chores can be a part of inhalants. Among the three most frequent users of inhalants, you find the snorting drugs, the sniffing drugs as well as the ones that you huff. They have a lot of street names, the most common amongst them being poppers, whippets and sniff kick.

What are the various forms of inhalant uses?

Just as the name suggests, inhalants are basically ingested through inhalation. This allows for the substance to be quickly dissipated with an alarming speed within the body, therefore leading to substance abuse at a rapid pace. Moreover, since inhalants can be procured pretty easily, there is no dearth of people making use of it.

Inhalant addiction and symptoms

Compared to various other opiate drugs, inhalants are not that addictive. However, although they are not physically addictive, they can cause a substantial amount of psychological damage. There are various occasions in which they have also been known to cause physical damage to the user. It has an intoxicating effect on the people using, and instant cravings become commonplace for a long time user.

Some of the symptoms of inhalant addiction would be:

  • Memory loss for a short term.
  • Apparent confusion.
  • Adverse weight loss.
  • No coordination and balance in the body.
  • Abject depression.
  • An evident lack of appetite.
  • Changes in the behavior.
  • Shaking of the hands.

Detox treatment for inhalant addiction

In order to prevent permanent damage to the user, one needs to get the person to a detox center. There are rehabs programs that can help the inhalant addiction subside, and people would learn how to control their cravings. There are therapeutic as well as outstation programs that also come with individual counseling for the benefit of the user.

If possible, the inhalant detox centers should be vetted before you send the user to that place. Generally speaking, it should have a good reputation and the people that take care of the facility should be well trained. This is to ensure that the inhalant addict can actually get the best possible treatment without any chance of relapse. The withdrawal symptoms can be controlled with effective by the treatment and detox centers.

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